2013-02-06 15:03:34 by EpicPopcorn

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Saving Thanksgiving!

2011-11-24 09:47:34 by EpicPopcorn

Hi everyone!

First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! With the help of my dear voice actors, we released a cartoon I had animated a few years ago for a contest :

Saving Thanksgiving

Also, I'm happy to announce that in the following weeks/months, Alexlabbe Projects is becoming Epic Popcorn, a collection of short silly toons, including video game parodies. Right now, Epic Popcorn is very popular here in Quebec, so I can't wait to share all my shit with you guys!

Hello all! I just wanted to write my first post here in the new NG news system. I've finished my next project, called Halo: Lost in Time. It's basically a short parody on Halo. I think you guys will enjoy this one, and it should be on Newgrounds today, or soon. Here is a screenshot of the movie. Enjoy.

Halo: Lost in Time completed!