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Excellent 3D animation, and a very nice story. I can't believe the score is not higher. Dont give up on animation, you got it in you! Good luck with your futur projects

A lot of stuff to fix

Pretty good work there mel. I always liked your fbf and your ideas are pretty cool. But you should seriously fix the preloader before submitting! And the music transitions were very weird.

nalem responds:

It's still not finished. I plan to finish it once exams are over and I move out of my dorm room

Good fun!

I like the main characters and the story is pretty intesting. Your animation is really good, and the sound is much better than in the first episode (still needs some work, maybe less compressing when exporting). I think some jokes need to go at a faster pace to be funnier, but seriously, I can't wait for the next episode. Nice work and don't stop now!

forgetreality responds:

Yeah, the episode was a bit rushed, but I'm learning =)

Episode 3 is already written (I know where i'm going with the story and certain events are already set, makes it easier) Hopefully episode 3 will be done arround august.

I appreciate the review, and coming from you it even means more, thanks!

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Hey! Congrats on Frontpage and all, the game is pretty fun, but has a lot of problems. The egg-throwing part is too complicated. Also, you say that you want the text to go slowly because it's meant for kids too. Well I'm 17 and couldn't even finish the egg throw :P I ran out of eggs and I got frustrated. However, there is a lot of good action scripting in there so congrats for that and the name has DEMO in it, so I hope you will release the full version soon with a lot of fixed problems!

Cool Game!

Hey dude, I loved it. It's simple, yet addictive. I liked the sprites, they were original compared to the same Mario World sprites we see all the time. I'm not a huge sprite fan, so that's why I have a suggestion: for you next version of this game, you could maybe try to do it without sprites? you could draw the characters in flash! It would be really cool. Anyways, good luck with your future projects!


Nice job!

Hey Dude! That was a really cool game! You captured the feel of Who wants to be a milionaire! The only prob was that the questions are not random!!! That really made the game easy and it's too bad! But overall, nice job! You got talent! Don't stop!!


Flash has been a huge part of my life. I've been making short toons on Newgrounds for many years now, and it has influenced me in many ways. I would like to thank all the great people I met here and all the positive feedback they gave me. Thank you!

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